Varied natural scenery

A lot of countries have natural wonders, but Turkey has many that are extraordinary and a few that are truly unique. The landscapes of Cappadocia are world-famous and enjoyed by thousands every year on balloon flights over its fairy chimneys. Equally compelling are the blindingly white terrace pools of Pamukkale, where you can take a dip and test just how therapeutic the waters are. The Turquoise Coast is firmly on the tourist trail but that doesn’t detract from the beauty of its beaches, headlands and coves

Urban architecture

Speaking of urban architecture Turkey has a lot to offer! There are many diverse types of landscapes, starting from ancient Roman buildings to the Ottoman style of housing and open markets which are present most notably in Istanbul (Kapalacarsi) and Ankara.There are also many modern day buildings in the large cities which can serve to the most pretentuous of tastes

Weather in Turkey

Turkey has a very diverse weather.With warm mediterranian weather in the south with hot summers and and mild winters to temperate continental in the mainland of Anatolia.

Low operating costs

Bulgaria is an emerging economy where costs are significantly lower than in Central European countries. It means that not only the cost of filming but the cost of your whole crew staying in Bulgaria and travelling around the country will, in the end, be lower than what you would spend in many other countries.

Add to this refundable VAT on all the money you spend inside the country and Bulgaria will definitely seem a very attractive choice.

Easy access

Turkey has one of the biggest airports in the Northern hemisphere.Located in Istanbul “Kemal Ataturk” airport is one of the major crossroads for Europe , Asia and the Americas.There is a wide choice of affordable tickets from anywhere in the world at any time of the year!