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Key information you need to know about filming in Turkey

VAT in Turkey is 18% and is fully refundable for foreign filmmakers. Film Fixers Turkey will offer you a full support in reclaiming VAT from all your expenses in the country.

The official currency is the Turkish Lira. But Also US Dollars and Euros are widely accepted around the whole country

No, as Turkish equipment rental companies can provide you with the latest camera modules, lighting equipment, grips and other high quality gear. 

Turkey is a very popular destination for western big scale productions. A few of the more notable ones are 007:Skyfall(2012) , Argo(2012) , Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007), Taken 2 (2012) Indiana Jones: The last crusade (1989)

Turkey is a very diverse country and one can endulge in many activities such as: Going to the many seaside resorts like Antaliya, Marmaris, Alaniya. Touring Around Istanbul one of the most culturally rich cities in the world.There is also plenty of places for the lovers of the nightlife, with many clubs and bars open untill the early hours all year round.